“Funky, Intimate, Personal”

This description of the Lodges as “Funky, Intimate, Personal” comes from Chris Bram (’74 English), writer and author of the novel FATHER OF FRANKENSTEIN (1995), which was made into the movie GODS AND MONSTERS (1998).  He remembers having a class in the Lodges with Glenn Close (’74 Theatre), award-winning actress.

When Deb Boykin gave Kelly Joyce and Sharon Zuber a tour of Lodge 8 in June, she revealed that not only were classes taught in the Lodges but also English professors had offices in these unique spaces:  John Conlee, Terry Meyers, Bob Scholnick, and Peter Wiggins  are a few who we have identified so far.

Terry Meyers noted that the Secretarial Sciences department for women used to have classes in the Lodges; he remembers walking by the Lodges and hearing the simultaneous typing.

As we continue to interview people, we will be working with Amy Schindler in the Swem Special Collections Research Center to build an interactive website.  We hope people will be able to upload photos remotely and even answer a few questions online about their memories.

For more information about the interviews, email either Barbara Pearsall, bgpearsall@email.wm.edu, or Sharon Zuber., slzube@wm.edu.